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" ugh I hate you " he moaned when Phil griped his cock preventing him from cumming. He of course didn’t mean it but he was so close when Phil did it .

Phil continued to drive into him, over and over and kissed him deep and desperate.  Finally his hand began to move on Jason’s erection as he felt himself get closer, bringing his fiance back to the edge.  ”You, too,” he said, nipping his lip.

"Please Phil …I’m so close " the cellist began to beg for the release that he wanted so badly " you cock is too good"




The Avengers teach Bucky about technology - part one

I think toasters existed when Bucky was Bucky?

Yeah, they were definitely around before the 1940s, but I did not realize that until AFTER I drew the thing.
…and I really liked the idea of Bucky sticking his metal arm down a toaster and having it explode in his face, so I kept it :P

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